Shooting Skaters with Ranan

Photocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona skaterPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona

Ranan came from New York to spend a couple of months in Barcelona.

He was certainly interested in developing his photography skills and took the Raval Photocircuit. As his main interests were architecture and moving objects: the perfect target were Raval Skaters, they usually skate around Macba and other squares downtown, specially during the summer. The afternoon light provided two main scenarios one completely illuminated with the sunshine and the other back light images. In addition a high speed was needed to freeze jumping and figures they constantly made.

In the background there was alway architecture both modern and classical, sometimes mixed, it was a nice idea to set them in an eclectic environment instead of the traditional graffiti-like backgrounds everyone uses.

After skaters, Ranan focused on architecture and discovered that it was very cool to meter reflections and create contrast between the light inside the reflection and the actual ¨real¨light in the building.

We ended our tour in Drassanes the Old Boat factory.

7 thoughts on “Shooting Skaters with Ranan

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