A family afternoon with the Brauners

at the Augustus temple, downtown Barcelona

Erin contacted us trough our website a couple of weeks ago. She was interested in an activity related to photography for her daughters while they stayed in Barcelona. She has two teenage girls one into fashion and the other one into photography, really eager to explore the city and a thirteen year old son. They got a 4 hour Photocircuit for the whole family.

We picked them up at their hotel by the sea, and walked to reach the Ciutadella Park, one of the greener spots in town then we went into the Borne quarter and  explored streets and for the first time many small shops.

As we walked along the city, from the beach to the historical walled area, we  explained tips and concepts about the camera, composition, sequences, light and movement to the girls. both using good cameras , one of them a reflex and the other one a digital compact one, but both very handy at the time of shooting.

We certainly enjoyed the day sharing a great conversation and images under the barcelona sun.

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