About Us

Hello and Welcome to our Travel Photography blog.

We are a group of professional photographers who enjoy photography as a whole. Our work, apart from delivering the tours and workshops is focused on visual and audiovisual image production and research. Photography, video, slideshows, animation, presentations, image bank, image archives, exhibitions, videographics, and audiovisual pre production production and post production is our daily job at the studio.

Some 4 years ago we were asked by a British  events company in Barcelona to design and create an experience about photography, and that is how Photocircuits was created. Nowadays we hold more than 15 photography activities for individuals, families, groups and corporate team buildings. these activities involve.


Photography workshops



Treasure hunts

Model for a day


and much more….

if you are interested in hiring our service either for you personal or corporate holiday or event in barcelona, just let us know.

Phone +34 934263935

or via  email

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