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Our work includes design research, design thinking, strategy, service / experience design and contents production. ESPAÑOL Somos una empresa dedicada a la Investigación de usuarios, Project management y Formación. Ayudamos a empresas y organizaciones a entender mejor el entorno social y cultural en el que desarrollan sus actividades y con base en ello formulamos ideas que facilitan la interacción con usuarios y públicos. Entendemos los procesos de interacción con grupos sociales a través de la investigación, la consultoría y la gestión de proyectos de innovación para procesos comerciales, sociales, educativos o de gobierno.

Photoessay: melancholy and longing in Hanoi — Ming Thein | Photographer

Words and thoughts flow from left to right, at least for those who think and read and write in western languages – a glance to the left in an image is an acknowledgement of origin, or perhaps one of longing depending on the expression of the protagonist. In the east, it might be interpreted as […]

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An afternoon out with our cameras

One day expedition to the sunny Barcelona. Chasing scenes and light with the camera, discovering corners, people and funny situations. no photoshop or retouching. Instagrammimg was fun, from our phones and one of our cameras too, at the same time!

Cord Prize for Contemporary Art Photography. Deadline: June 2, 2013

The Curator Ship

Cord Prize
Announcing the Cord Prize, a new international contemporary art award established to support and acknowledge the practice of early and mid-career visual artists. The award comprises an individual first prize of $10,000, second prize of $1,000, and third prize of $500. Additionally, twenty-two artists will be selected for online exhibition and a piece of writing will be commissioned from the award jurors.

The inaugural Cord Prize – Contemporary art photography

Photography has become a universally accepted, unchallenged, medium of contemporary art. Concomitantly, photography’s capacity to influence our everyday lives has become exponentially important with the ubiquity of visual social media and the opening up of the possibilities for us to communicate and disseminate our photographic images independently of institutional support. It could be said that the ubiquity which photography has achieved, its establishment in the contemporary art canon, is both a blessing and a problem – marking a new beginning…

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The Urban Portrait

One of the most exciting things of all cities in the world is not exactly how they are built or how tall their buildings are, I am not usually so impressed by crowds or big avenues or amazing malls. But I am usually very impressed by how different and diverse people are in every city in the world and of course Barcelona is not an exception to this rule. Here are some images from our Winter Photography Workshop that talk about this.

Thanks to Carlos, María, Eli and Marta for sharing their pictures.

BBWP The Barcelona Big Wall Project

El 22@ reflejado en la ventana22@Te Sientas?Reflejos en Verdebarcelona - vincon shop windowbarcelona
La Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, BarcelonaLa Pedrera, Barcelona. GaudiThe building opposite La Pedrera, BarcelonaRock and Roll - Barcelona styleLa Pedrera, Gaudi, Barcelona
Casa Batilo - fun and gamesLa Pedrera, Gaudi, BarcelonaPalau Guell, BarcelonaPalau Guell, BarcelonaLa Sagrada Familia - ceilingHotel Barceló Raval
Hotel Barceló Raval Amanecer y torres venecianasHistoria vivaEl tendedero del artista

With more than 370 pictures and 70 participants the project just keeps growing and growing and soon we will be able to make our exhibition. If you feel you have taken a great picture of any place or aspect of Barcelona, Join us and let´s make this wall huge!

Las Fotos que Atesoramos

Diana PhotoLas fotos mas atesoradas y que más queremos ocultar, normalmente cobran un valor increible, el valor de lo prohibído, no sabemos realmente si es por la intimidad que muestran o por que revelan la humanidad y simpleza de alguien, que a pesar de pertenecer a una élite no es más que otro ser humano en el mundo. Son estas imágenes que muestran nuestra fragilidad y vulnerabilidad las que controlamos con más cuidado. Qué tipo de imágenes atesoramos?

seems like a very interesting opportunity to participate in a very creative event

The Curator Ship

Artists based in the Northwest of the US are invited to submit work for ‘OFF THE PLAIN: Contemporary NW Photography‘ curated by TJ Norris for Place.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 17th (11:59PM PST – no late entries)
EXHIBITION: April 16 – June 1, 2013
ENTRY FEE: $10, Up to 6 images per artist
(fee used for any associated printed material)

WHAT: Seeking contemporary photographic-based work in various formats, other than traditional 2D. Individual artists, duos or teams are welcome to submit.


‘Off the Plain’ will feature up to a dozen Northwest-based contemporary artists who have developed photographic works that stretch beyond traditional two-dimensional formats.

As an examination of the great Northwest as a physical location for exploration and experimentation, this show will offer work that is outside the norm, peeling back one thin layer of what is happening right now in this vast elusive…

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