On Sustainable Tourism

Back in 2005, the creative team of AlgoBueno Cultural Management was asked to create 3 experiences around Photography for Lifestyle Barcelona, a very innovative company selling experiences as gifts.

We spent around 2 weeks thinking about positive, fun, rewarding and key points around the photographic experience and found out that it is one of the most exciting moments of our lives when we capture and also when we share images. Those exciting moments lead us to holidays.

The best moments in most people’s lives are Holidays. So, to make the holiday experience even more exciting and fulfilling we designed 20 routes around the city where most tourist wouldn´t get and hired professional photographers who know the city deeply.

Then came up the sustainability topic, we did not want to go around the city with 30 people annoying everyone with their flashes and noise, so we decided to arrange very small groups, that make it easy for everyone to share enjoy and respect while they have fun with photography. our environment is not only the plants and animals around us, but the way we respect or invade residents’ lives and spaces.

To make Photocircuits a sustainable activity we have decided to explore new venues, keep groups small, avoid annoying locals and enjoy architecture, nature and all the beauty that Barcelona offers to its visitors without harming it.

Travel Photography in Barcelona

Travel Photography in Barcelona

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