White Balance at the AUDI Exhibition Cube in Barcelona

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It was a very sunny and hot day in la Barceloneta and after shooting people on the beach and the sea walk, we decided to look for more subtle lights and reflections at the Audi Cube,. At first it seemed easy and captured some nice reflections on the car, the we were invited to get inside the cube and it was wonderland for our WB exercise. Many types of artificial lights were there and also led screens over a white car.!!

very cool images while in there. Enjoy!

Urban Photography Workshop Photo Screening

the final presentation of Photojournals and Photo essays was an exciting moment, most of us had worked for about a month, thinking, planning sketching and drafting ideas around those topics we wanted for our essay.

Different things showed up, as groups of images made sense aroun pink& feminity, Numbers, Doors,Mini Graffiti and People´s backs.Amazed to discover each of us point of view, and the variety of things happening out in the streets.

Regala Photocircuits en Navidad por 49€

Photocircuits Colabora con Grupon Citydeal para ofrecerte una superoferta de Navidad

Conviértete en un buen fotógrafo practicando con PhotoCircuits. 2 salidas de 3 horas en las que te enseñarán todas las funciones de tu cámara y los trucos básicos de la fotografía, todo por solo 49 euros (valor 180)


* 2 salidas de 3 horas de duración para aprender a manejar la cámara y trucos de la fotografía
* 40% de descuento en talleres de fotografía
* Consultar disponibilidad de fechas y horarios
* Horario de reservas: L-S de 10h-19h


* Grupos reducidos de 5 personas para que te puedan atender mejor
* Previa reserva (93 426 39 35)
* Cancelaciones con 48 horas de antelación
* Un cupón por persona.
* No acumulable con otras ofertas, no aplica 2×1.
* Tienes 6 meses para canjear tu cupón

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Llamar a PhotoCircuits para
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PhotoCircuits Anunciada por Groupon.es
Conviértete en un buen fotógrafo practicando con Phot Circuits. 2 salidas de 3 horas en las que te enseñarán todas las funciones de tu cámara y los trucos básicos de la fotografía, todo por solo 49 euros (valor 180)

Las redes sociales se utilizan para decir esas cosas que todos pensamos y nadie se atreve a expresar en voz alta. Todos conocemos los grupos de “señoras que…”. Ahora el grupo que triunfa es el que critica a los que compramos las últimas novedades tecnológicas, cuando ni sabemos que es el código PIN de un móvil.

Si no quieres ser foco de las bromas de los fans de Facebook lo mejor es que tomes buena nota de todos los consejos sobre fotografía que te darán en PhotoCircuits. No seas como esa gente que cree que por comprarse una cámara de fotos ya es fotógrafo profesional. La fotografía es un mundo complejo y como tal, no basta con tener la mejor tecnología, también tienes que aprender todos los secretos de la técnica.

En este punto es en el que entra PhotoCircuits, que te propone realizar dos salidas de tres horas acompañado por fotógrafos profesionales por las zonas más interesantes de Barcelona. Durante el paseo podrás aprender a manejar los miles de botoncitos que tiene tu cámara -te enseñarán para que sirven uno por uno- y algunos trucos para sacar unas instantáneas dignas de postal. Los expertos de Photo Circuits te mostrarán las funciones básicas de tu cámara y te darán algunas nociones sobre composición fotográfica, retratos, paisajes y fotografía de viajes.

Si pese a las explicaciones y los trucos sigues sin tener claro algo podrás apuntarte a los talleres de fotografía que ofrece PhotoCircuits por un magnífico descuento. Con PhotoCircuits y Groupon te convertirás en un auténtico maestro de la fotografía.

Picturing urban Portraits

skaters, portraits, secrets, tourists, and all the diversity of the Raval on a Saturday morning. The purpose was to be able to get in touch with people and get them to pose for urban portraits. Many times it is hard for us asking people to pose for us , because we imagine they will get mad or be nasty, but that is not always true. Urban Portrait is one of the mos fascinating experiences during urban explorations. Faces and people tell us a lot a bout cities and the local life in every place.

This group enjoyed breaking the fear to get in touch with people and understood ways and techniques to approach and deal with spontaneous portraits.

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Discovering a Hidden Roman Temple in Barcelona

Barcelona is with no doubt a city full of surprises. Some of them very evident and some of them very hidden.

One of Barcelona´s more surprising spots is this roman temple we discovered with a very creative group, who were learning about depth of field and other benefits of aperture mode in their cameras.

This was a perfect place to understand light, DOF and how it works. These pictures were made with a mobile phone…cameras were busy learning and enjoying.


A fun group at Gaudi´s Parc Guell

Yes, you say Parc Guell and not Park Guell because it is written in catalan, the local language of the city. We discovered a very big sign at the main entrance that makes it very clear.

We were 17 people + 2 instructors, meeting last Saturday at the park to admire and photograph Gaudi´s work in terms of architecture. The day was splendid, because even tough we are in the middle of the winter Barcelona has ha shinny blue sky that gave us bright light, deep shadows and great colors for our pictures. our group was eager to learn more abut aperture and speed so we started exploring the secrets of contrast and aperture on everyone´s cameras. every camera a new discovery and also a wonderful opportunity.

One great thing: the work of Gaudi offer a lot of texture and opportunities to expand photographic techniques and capture, texture, depth and color in a vibrant way. Gaudi´s philosophy about creating a point where architecture and nature interact in an harmonious way is the legacy we have recently discovered in sustainable architecture.

But also, speed was a photographic interest for this group, freezing and registering movement here was not an easy task, because such a splendid day made visitors lay down or recline o enjoy the magnificent view. We could not stop laughing about freezing relaxed people, so we relaxed ourselves and joined them.

Shooting Skaters with Ranan

Photocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona skaterPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona

Ranan came from New York to spend a couple of months in Barcelona.

He was certainly interested in developing his photography skills and took the Raval Photocircuit. As his main interests were architecture and moving objects: the perfect target were Raval Skaters, they usually skate around Macba and other squares downtown, specially during the summer. The afternoon light provided two main scenarios one completely illuminated with the sunshine and the other back light images. In addition a high speed was needed to freeze jumping and figures they constantly made.

In the background there was alway architecture both modern and classical, sometimes mixed, it was a nice idea to set them in an eclectic environment instead of the traditional graffiti-like backgrounds everyone uses.

After skaters, Ranan focused on architecture and discovered that it was very cool to meter reflections and create contrast between the light inside the reflection and the actual ¨real¨light in the building.

We ended our tour in Drassanes the Old Boat factory.

Open Text Treasure Hunt Barcelona

Last week 12 groups of 24 participants from Open Text Canada one of the biggest software companies in America, played the treasure hunt in Downtown Barcelona.

More than 1.000 pictures were produced and 5 hours of video recorded. Each group had a tour guide, a list of hints and a path to follow discovering places like the churreria in Petritxol Street, the Roman temple, St Jaume´s Square, Cartoonists & live statues from Las Ramblas, and a lot more.

Capturing images became the funniest part of it in a team building activity that integrated sales teams from UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, France and the USA.