Winter Seminar and Workshops 2012

The ice-cold winter will not stop us, we have started our 2012 activities with tours, workshops and our winter photography seminar that offers participants with technical and artistic views of digital photography and the new trends on cameras, styles and photographers. check out our new activities and book yours!

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listos para el verano? algunas recomendaciones


Control del color
Las vacaciones de verano nos dejan normalmente con recuerdos de calidez, luz y color, por lo que es esto lo que debes capturar en tus imágenes. Los paisajes que son verdes completamente en primer plano y con un cielo azul puede que resulten atractivos mientras estás ahí, pero raramente funcionan como fotografías. ¿Qué colores son más efectivos? A continuación te presentamos una guía de fotografía.

El rojo es un color cálido y dominante… incluso un pequeño toque de rojo en una imagen atraerá la atención. Puede ser la puerta roja de un edificio o una flor roja en un prado.

El azul es frío y relajante… a menudo parece que se desvanece en la imagen. El verde, el color de la naturaleza, es también un color relajante. Los azules y verdes realmente brillantes pueden funcionar por sí solos. Sin embargo, los tonos más pálidos se complementan mejor con los rojos y amarillos.

El amarillo es un color brillante y llamativo… el amarillo puro no se ve a menudo en la naturaleza: los tonos de este color a menudo tienden al naranja o al verde.

El marrón es el color de la tierra y las plantas leñosas… funciona muy bien como marco para otros colores, pero raramente proporciona una imagen atractiva cuando se usa como tono principal.

Y finalmente…
Asegúrate siempre de que llevas pilas de repuesto ( o el cargador de la batería) y una tarjeta de memoria de repuesto para que puedas continuar con las capturas.

consejos de canon, españa

Discovering a Hidden Roman Temple in Barcelona

Barcelona is with no doubt a city full of surprises. Some of them very evident and some of them very hidden.

One of Barcelona´s more surprising spots is this roman temple we discovered with a very creative group, who were learning about depth of field and other benefits of aperture mode in their cameras.

This was a perfect place to understand light, DOF and how it works. These pictures were made with a mobile phone…cameras were busy learning and enjoying.


Gothic Quarter Tour for Oscar and his wife

one digital and one analogic camera

one digital and one analogic camera

Oscar has a reflex film Nikon we wants to fully understand before buying a digital reflex. he got his camera from his father years ago and never fully understood how it works. So he got his Photocircuit from and came along with 2 cameras.

We met at the Jaume I metro station, near Plaça St Jaume to walk across the Gothic Quarter. First they asked me to explain about basic functions like Aperture, Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, and White Balance so while we walked we took pictures of a very sunny Barcelona understanding concepts at the Felipe Neri Square

Half an hour later all technical issues were solved, we had some nice pictures and the hunt for city images started. They wanted to capture the Jaume I square, Santa Maria del Mar, The Cathedral and Paseo del Borne.

Both digital and analogical cameras worked well, specially chasing the geese at the cathedral´s back patio and capturing portraits of the crowd that surrounded a soap bubble street artists at Paseo del Borne. kids were running after the bubbles and Oscar could capture every smile and jump they did.

Reflections at Sta Maria del Mar

Reflections at Sta Maria del Mar

Santa Maria del mar was a hard task for Oscar trying to capture the reflex of the stained glass that the afternoon light project in the interior of this church, very soft and delicate blue and orange lights created strange shaped in the columns and Oscar was delighted. While he took the pictures two weddings occurred the low light and his wish for details of this interior demanded very long exposures.

Black and white (Ilford HP 400) , and color film (Kodak Gold 200) together with a Sony digital made the day for Oscar and his partner, many questions came up and were solved drawing one smile after another on their faces (my best payment ever).

When the 3 hours ended it seemed to me they wanted more, but the afternoon was over, we had walked for 3 hours and the light was fading so we went for a

from gothic to borne quarter

from gothic to borne quarter

refreshment and said goodbye looking forward for the next tour, maybe with a brand new digital and a black and white film.