Enjoying Modernism with Christine, Christopher and their son

Christine is a friend of a friend that lives in Seattle and this year decided to visit Barcelona while traveling with their son in the south of France.

We got in contact because an american friend living in Barcelona thought it would be nice for them to take pictures and learn a little about Modernist erchitecture during their visit. A complete visit to all relevant modernist buildings in Barcelona would take about one whole week, this including private homes, shops, public buildings and parks. Only Gaudi ´s work would take at least 3 days and our goal was to make it enjoyable in 4 hours.

For photographers and photo amateurs a tour requires a little more time for framing, thinking and shooting, so no place for rushing or running here. Too many wonders in too little time, so we decided to take the left part of the Eixemple district as our territory and explore the most notorious architechts of modernism in this area. So from our previous Modernist circuits we took this part and developed a personal map and a booklet with information on each building, architect and location for each one of them. Our meeting point was at their apartment right in front of Fundación Godia, our first landmark to be visitised.

During the walk we disocovered that Christopher, after working for Microsoft for many years is now a very active photographer with his own website and photography exhibitions in the USA, Christine enjoyed the stories about the Catalan families and their desire for notoriety, in a city that became metropoli keeping a deep smalltown soul. The Harris-Crandall family had a great afternoon to be together, learn, take pictures, shop for local food and discover a little bit of this wonderful city.