Photocircuits & Phototours Collaborate with Guideout Barcelona

Guide Out BarcelonaStarting July 2009 Photocircuits & Phototours will be collaborating with Guide Out Barcelona, that orange pocket guide everyone uses when visiting the city.

Robert and Cristina, The Guide Out mentors, found that it would very interesting to publish those scenes that visitors to Barcelona capture when they walk around the city taking pictures with us. The best pictures will be published each month together with a credit and an opinion of its author about Barcelona and their experience here.

Since Barcelona is very diverse city, full of amazing places and experiences and so many different people from different cultures and countries constantly visit it, this can be a very interesting place to read all types of opinions, tips and points of view about how Barcelona really is.

Guide Out is the essential tool for Barcelona visitors and it is available at any tourist office in town, it has all the information about the city, shopping, landmarks, museums, cinema, performing arts, restaurants, bars and interesting events in town.

in Photocircuits & Phototours two different types of routes are offered: Basic Walks are for first timers in Barcelona and Pro Walks are for those who already know the city and wish to explore it in a deeper way. History, Architecture, Art, Foreign Cultures, Fashion, Design, Nature and The Beach are just some of the aspects anyone can choose to explore here. All of them providing excitement and the opportunity to learn more about your camera and the way you see the world.

We are happy to encourage visitors to explore in a respectful way every corner of the city and enjoy it bringing wonderful images back home.