Where do Photocircuits & Phototours come from?

Tv interview for tele5

Tv interview for tele5

Being a photographer for more than 15 years I have worked on documentary, publicity, advertising, social, editorial and I guess most of the fields it offers.

5 years ago I moved to Barcelona willing for a change and also trying to find ways to expand my experience with photography to other people.

A couple of years ago during a photography seminar I noticed how meaningful travel photography can be for tourists, that wish to keep memories but could also have a tool for understanding other cultures and places during an ordinary holiday.

So I created Photocircuits. A 2 or 3 hour walk where I can show people different aspects of this city, its people, its traditions, its diversity while teaching them how to use their camera and of course making fun pictures of hidden corners.

During these 2 years I have understood that people on holidays, more than looking for beach & sun, look for meaning in their lives when they escape their established roles and routines, maybe an opportunity to change their lives or see the world in a different way.

Today I am happy I have created a tool that allows me to talk, share and teach people photography in an informal way, but also an open opportunity for them to explore a new vision of the world and their live trough the camera.

If you ever come to Barcelona, give me a call or send me an email so we can walk around for 2 hours talking and making pictures.