An afternoon out with our cameras

One day expedition to the sunny Barcelona. Chasing scenes and light with the camera, discovering corners, people and funny situations. no photoshop or retouching. Instagrammimg was fun, from our phones and one of our cameras too, at the same time!

Fun in the Sun at Montjuic

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The warm and sunny weather of May took us to enjoy the gardens of Montjuic one of the biggest parks in town. with a group of almost 20 fun people, we spent the whole saturday morning chasing flowers and insects, exploring depth of field and trying to catch bikes and cars in movement.

The panoramic view of the city was a real challenge for  many of us, but we got it!

Exploring the Cathedral with Nuria

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Even Nuria did not have a big reflex camera, she was planning her Easter holidays with her family and wanted to have full command of her camera. Monuments are big building were a real challenge for her so we explored Barcelona´s main cathedral which is full of details, lights, people and photographic challenges. A beautiful experience on a sunny march morning.

El Regalo Perfecto: Cupones prepago para recorridos, salidas y workshops

A veces es difícil saber qué regalar a la gente que queremos pues o lo tienen todo, o les gustan cosas que no conocemos muy bien.

Si tus hijos,  primos,  amigos o tu grupo tienen cámara y les gusta viajar , lo más seguro es que disfrutarán aprendiendo y tomando fotos con Photocircuits, los cupones de navidad tienen precio especial, representan su valor en actividades de Photocircuits. (recorridos, salidas, talleres, viajes, etc). Paquetes especiales para familias y grupos de empresas. compralo aqui

Barcelona Public Demonstration Photography Class

Today, our Photography Workshop participants were surprised by a public and pacific demonstration of hundreds of people claiming for real democracy in Spain. All kinds of people went out on the streets to express their discomfort about bank speculation, and the result of the recent elections.

Spain does not accept anymore the constant abuse that banks, big corporations and private capital realtors make over the population.

Later on the police would take by brutal force demonstrators from Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona´s main square,  beating them and using gas and brutality to stop them from expressing their discomfort.

White Balance at the AUDI Exhibition Cube in Barcelona

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It was a very sunny and hot day in la Barceloneta and after shooting people on the beach and the sea walk, we decided to look for more subtle lights and reflections at the Audi Cube,. At first it seemed easy and captured some nice reflections on the car, the we were invited to get inside the cube and it was wonderland for our WB exercise. Many types of artificial lights were there and also led screens over a white car.!!

very cool images while in there. Enjoy!

Spring Photography Workshops and Tours

Sunday at the ciutadella ParkSunday at the ciutadella ParkThe Roman Ruins at MUHBAat the Newly renovated Mares Museumat the Newly renovated Mares MuseumSt Felipe Neri
The roman temple of Augustusat the Newly renovated Mares MuseumPlaça de L'AngelBorn QuarterPlaça de L'AngelPlaça de L'Angel
Born Quarter GroupSpeed shooting at Via laietanaBorn Quarter GroupSpeed shooting at Via laietanaSpeed shooting at Via laietanaSpeed shooting at Via laietana
The Wonderful Old Medicine AcademySpeed shooting at Via laietanaSpeed shooting at Via laietanaExciting Ciutadella ParkUsing the Flash outdoors and IndoorsExciting Ciutadella Park

We have been visiting most of the most exciting locations , museums and landmarks of the city.

Two Urban Photography Spring Workshops and many tours and visitors have enjoyed the beautiful weather and the new re-opened locations in the city. Dani was very excited about the cameras new features and I was wondering if the weather broadcast was true. We had a great afternoon both days.

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¿Sabes lo que es un Time Lapse?

Esta maravillosa secuencia de fotos tomada en la Montaña del Teide en islas Canarias, se puede lograra haciendo un uso programado de la función de ráfaga en los modos semi automáticos AV o TV.

La sensación es similar al video, sin embargo el intervalo de disparo es programado en algunas cámara de manera automática y en otras se debe hacer de manera manual. una increíble experiencia!