An afternoon out with our cameras

One day expedition to the sunny Barcelona. Chasing scenes and light with the camera, discovering corners, people and funny situations. no photoshop or retouching. Instagrammimg was fun, from our phones and one of our cameras too, at the same time!

You will soon be able to take this picture with us

This is how Sagrada Familia will look when it is finished. Book your Photocircuit with us and be able to make the picture and live the experience.

The Urban Portrait

One of the most exciting things of all cities in the world is not exactly how they are built or how tall their buildings are, I am not usually so impressed by crowds or big avenues or amazing malls. But I am usually very impressed by how different and diverse people are in every city in the world and of course Barcelona is not an exception to this rule. Here are some images from our Winter Photography Workshop that talk about this.

Thanks to Carlos, María, Eli and Marta for sharing their pictures.

Exploring Nocturnal Barcelona


Have you ever wondered why Barcelona is so different at night? We explored the Barcelonian night together with a group of Photo enthusiasts. Did not discover the secret of the charm but certainly had a lot fun and learnt one or … Continue reading

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Explorando Berlin!

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 Aprovechando la Ola de Calor en Europa y hemos de confesar que también un poco huyendo del calor excesivo en España nos hemos animado a explorar el verano Berlinés con un pequeño grupo. 12 días descubriendo las múltiples facetas de una Berlín que nunca se termina y que se transforma con cada época del año. Aparte de las múltiples atracciones de la cidad  vale la pena destacar las buenas oportunidades que ofrece para comprar e intercambiar equipo a muy buen precio y con excelente calidad.

En Berlin siempre, la clave está en los detalles. Gracias a nuestros excelentes compañeros de viaje hemos realizado en total del grupo mas de 10.000 imágenes que aún están en proceso de selección y clasificación. Para la muestra una pocas.

2013 será el año de los viajes fotográficos, asi es que prepárate pues tendremos muchos planes y destinos cerca y lejos de Barcelona, a la medida de todos los gustos.

¿A que lugares te gustaría viajar con nosotros?

Verano 2011 Miles de Fotos en Barcelona!

Recopilación de Momentos de algunos de los cursos, tours, salidas y actividades que estamos realizado este verano en Barcelona Photocircuits. Si has participado, seguro estás en las fotos!

Lo mejor de todo? Seguimos con más actividades hasta fin de Septiembre!

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The Magic of St Felipe Neri Square

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This is one of the most beautiful places we visit in barcelona, and to say the less, it has its own magic touch. This time our group experiences the fabulous fall of hundreds of yellow petal while a violinist performed in the middle of the square. The tall threes, the light and the ambiance that you can breathe here, is amazingly peaceful for a square located downtown Barcelona. It is amazing a brutal murder was film here for the movie, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, based on the novel by Patrick Suskind.

White Balance at the AUDI Exhibition Cube in Barcelona

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It was a very sunny and hot day in la Barceloneta and after shooting people on the beach and the sea walk, we decided to look for more subtle lights and reflections at the Audi Cube,. At first it seemed easy and captured some nice reflections on the car, the we were invited to get inside the cube and it was wonderland for our WB exercise. Many types of artificial lights were there and also led screens over a white car.!!

very cool images while in there. Enjoy!