Shooting Skaters with Ranan

Photocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval BarcelonaPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona skaterPhotocircuits Raval Barcelona

Ranan came from New York to spend a couple of months in Barcelona.

He was certainly interested in developing his photography skills and took the Raval Photocircuit. As his main interests were architecture and moving objects: the perfect target were Raval Skaters, they usually skate around Macba and other squares downtown, specially during the summer. The afternoon light provided two main scenarios one completely illuminated with the sunshine and the other back light images. In addition a high speed was needed to freeze jumping and figures they constantly made.

In the background there was alway architecture both modern and classical, sometimes mixed, it was a nice idea to set them in an eclectic environment instead of the traditional graffiti-like backgrounds everyone uses.

After skaters, Ranan focused on architecture and discovered that it was very cool to meter reflections and create contrast between the light inside the reflection and the actual ¨real¨light in the building.

We ended our tour in Drassanes the Old Boat factory.

Fun places to take Pics on Sunday

Last Sunday we went out with friends for brunch and spare time and found a couple nice places. One is the very photogenic Juicy Jones, a vegetarian restaurant in Calle Hospital where sandwiches and natural fruit & veggie juices make a great breakfast. the place is handpainted with colorful flowers and graffiti all over so you feel somewhere between a higway and a the beatles yellow submarine movie.

Then we walked across the city to the Old Roman Temple hidden in an apartment building backyard, near plaça st jaume, this a very quiet and singular spot where modern and classic definitively meet. For late lunch Pizza del Borne was a budget and tasty option, not Italian but Argentinian a wide variety of combinations will make you take 2 or 3 slices…

heading back home amazing graffitis all over the place where begging for a picture which they had.

happy Sunday!!


Where do Photocircuits & Phototours come from?

Tv interview for tele5

Tv interview for tele5

Being a photographer for more than 15 years I have worked on documentary, publicity, advertising, social, editorial and I guess most of the fields it offers.

5 years ago I moved to Barcelona willing for a change and also trying to find ways to expand my experience with photography to other people.

A couple of years ago during a photography seminar I noticed how meaningful travel photography can be for tourists, that wish to keep memories but could also have a tool for understanding other cultures and places during an ordinary holiday.

So I created Photocircuits. A 2 or 3 hour walk where I can show people different aspects of this city, its people, its traditions, its diversity while teaching them how to use their camera and of course making fun pictures of hidden corners.

During these 2 years I have understood that people on holidays, more than looking for beach & sun, look for meaning in their lives when they escape their established roles and routines, maybe an opportunity to change their lives or see the world in a different way.

Today I am happy I have created a tool that allows me to talk, share and teach people photography in an informal way, but also an open opportunity for them to explore a new vision of the world and their live trough the camera.

If you ever come to Barcelona, give me a call or send me an email so we can walk around for 2 hours talking and making pictures.